Will St. John's teachers get paid?

Yes, according to school board president in letter to parents
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Teachers at St. John's School in Roseville will be paid through August as agreed to in their contracts and despite the private school's closure at the end of May.

School Board President Keith Diederich announced the news in a letter to parents issued today that the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California and St. John's Church agreed to provide the financial support to honor the teachers' contract.

The school is responsible for paying the 20 teachers through this month, which will be funded by May tuition payments.

St. John's School will cease operations May 25 due to $500,000 worth of debt. That includes about $70,000 in compensation owed to staff. After the resignation of Father Paul Hancock as headmaster in November, the school laid off teachers and consolidated classes to save money, but weren't able to get out of the hole.

The Christian school opened in 1980 and currently operates out of Barbara Chilton Middle School, which is owned by the Roseville City School District.

~ Sena Christian