'Why is your website asking me if I like soup?'

By: Michelle Carl, Managing Editor
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I’ve been hearing some positive reactions to our redesigned website at

But some users have been perplexed by one feature: micro-surveys.

The Google Consumer Surveys feature is a relatively new tool being used by hundreds of newspapers across the country. But our online readers who have never encountered one were understandably a bit confused by what looks like an ad asking them random questions before allowing them to read the full text of an article.

Let me assure you: We aren’t trying to invade your privacy. And we aren’t introducing a “pay wall.” The survey questions are pretty innocuous (I’ve been asked what kind of soup I like and if I’ve ever traveled to the state of Florida). If you don’t want to answer a certain question, you can request another one. You can also share the story via Facebook and Twitter to access the full story.

You won’t encounter a survey on every story — just some. And when you answer, you’ll be helping to support our news-gathering costs. For every answer, the Press Tribune is reimbursed, ensuring that we can keep your access to local news online free.

You can find that local news on our websites every day. Breaking crime news, education, business, sports and features — we post it daily online. So make our website part of your daily routine.

Oh, and if you post calendar events to our website, you are able to continue to do so on our new site. Just create a new account (accounts from our previous website have been deleted), and once logged in, go to our Calendar drop down and click “Post An Event.”

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune.