Who upholds true leadership?

Reader Input
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Leadership is not a position or title. Leadership is the quality of being a leader. A great leader leads and represents all who follow him, without personal agenda and for the good of his entire constituency. Leading implies that he/she who leads knows the correct direction in which to go. A great leader has a vision of where he/she would like to see his people be in the future. Leadership has no political affiliation, other that of conspicuous fidelity to the populace who have elevated that person to the leadership function. A leader understands that he/she has been granted an incredible gift, signifying the trust and custody of the future hopes of those he/she leads. If a person in a leadership role does not possess these qualities, then he/she is no leader at all. Who, among the political hopefuls prowling the public forum today, can lay claim to the honest label of “leader”? Something to think about. Augustine DeChristos, Auburn