What happened to our best interest?

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Public officials since, and (especially) including Gray Davis were supposed to act in the best interest of the public, not the public employees. With the daily unfolding of the secrets of massive public employee pension debt, it’s obvious they haven’t. They’ve handed out taxpayer revenue like candy, in secretive ways through convoluted calculations only an accountant could begin decipher. Some localities have borrowed to pay salaries. And news agencies had to fight to gain access to what some retirees are being paid. It’s dishonest, deplorable and should be actionable. Here are some “action suggestions” the state, counties and cities should take: Divest themselves of real estate holdings, parks, private/public business and sports arena deals, grant programs, light-rail systems, and their own agencies - anything of cash value or which could be privatized to create profit and pay off their debt. Or file bankruptcy, then start from a realistic base. They need to “pay their fair share” as government officials so often are given to say. Government doesn’t make profit, it creates loss. They created this disaster, they need to fix it, just like anyone who’s acted irresponsibly. But no longer on the taxpayer’s backs. John Chase, Rocklin