West Nile virus activity increasing in Placer

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Four additional mosquito samples in Placer County have tested positive for West Nile virus in the past two weeks. Most of the cases are occuring on the western border of the county, according to a statement released by the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control Unit. “This increase of activity is not unexpected,” said Joel Buettner, general manager of the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District, in a statement. “It serves as a reminder that West Nile virus is still a threat and that we must take precautions to reduce our risk for exposure.” Due to these test results, the district has scheduled a truck fogging for early Friday morning in the following localized areas where the traps have turned up mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus: Elverta area — area north of Rio Linda Boulevard to Jackson Road, between Brewer Road and Locust Road, and between Pleasant Grove Road and El Modena Avenue. West of Roseville — area between Fiddyment Road and Brewer Road, north of Sunset Boulevard to Catlett Road. Buettner said the total mosquito numbers are still low due to a combination of milder-than-usual temperatures and the district’s aggressive larval mosquito control program. Not seeing many mosquitoes may lead the general public to become more relaxed about practicing prevention strategies, but even with low mosquito numbers, the district warns that the virus transmission still can happen. The Placer Mosquito and Vector Control advises the public to protect themselves by staying indoors around dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are usually out. The district also recommends dumping or draining standing water around homes, and wearing a mosquito repellant such as DEET. So far this year, the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District has detected West Nile Virus in five mosquito samples. No cases in birds, sentinel chickens or humans have yet been reported. ~ Toby Lewis ---------- The 3Ds of Protection: Drain any standing water that may produce mosquitoes. Defend yourself and your home against mosquitoes by using an effective insect repellent such as DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus Dress appropriately by wearing long sleeves and pants when outdoors, and keeping door and window screens in good working condition. Contact the district by calling (888) 768-2343, or visit