Welcoming place for kids to share dark secrets

Center’s walls covered with art to make sharing less traumatic
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There is a place at the Santucci Justice Center in Roseville where kids share some of their most painful secrets. Now the interior walls of that office building are covered with colorful murals and paintings, designed to create a peaceful space for children to use during their forensic interviews. An open house was held Sept. 28 to honor the artists who donated their work to the Placer Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center, an organization that interviews and provides services to children when there are allegations of felony child abuse. “Having a child-friendly center for children to come to when they disclose some horrific event in their lives makes it less traumatic for them,” said Fiona Tuttle, MDIC coordinator and interviewer, in a news release. “The art in the interview room and the children’s art on display let them know that they aren’t the only children that have come here and told their secrets.” Sgt. Ty Conners, of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and students of St. Alban’s Country Day School in Roseville presented their artwork to the center earlier this year. Conners decorated one of the interview rooms with a large mural depicting children playing amidst some of Placer County’s historic sights such as the American River and the courthouse in Old Town Auburn. ~ Sena Christian