We report the news, not erase it

By: Michelle Carl, Press Tribune editor
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A few weeks ago I got a call from a polite gentleman requesting that we remove an archived story about a burglary from our website.

The man said he regretted this mistake he'd made. He has since paid his debt to society and is receiving treatment to cure the addiction that drove him to his criminal act.

While I felt sympathetic to his request, the fact remained: He committed the crime.

It's a phone call I receive occasionally, especially in this era of the Internet. While newsprint grows yellow and is thrown away, information can live forever on the web.

But newspapers cannot get into the business of erasing the truth. If we did, we'd become like Orwell's "memory holes," destroying any blemish from a person's past.

I hope society can give people a second chance and not judge someone by "Googling" them, but by their character and growth as a human being.

Special delivery

Well, there's no hiding what's been growing inside me these last 35 weeks - I'm pregnant!

My husband David and I are expecting our first child, a boy, on June 21.

I'll fill you in soon on plans for while I'm out on maternity leave, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my new online column about parenting, Rosebuds.

Each Thursday, I'll post a column about my adventures in motherhood, along with some tips and things for families to check out that week. I believe parenting information is important to many of our readers and I hope to improve our coverage of this subject online.

And check out our Parenting in my World special section inside today's Press Tribune for more great kid-related stories and advertising!

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