Wanted: New city manager for Roseville

Could earn $244K, needs 'people skills'
By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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Roseville residents have more to look forward to than warmer weather in the coming months. A new city manager is scheduled to take the helm as early as May, if recruitment and contract negotiations go as planned. Over the past several months, Roseville’s City Council has met with Bob Murray, of Bob Murray and Associates, the firm leading the recruitment of the city’s new manager, to discuss the traits and qualities that top their list. “I think interpersonal skills are really key,” said Mayor Gina Garbolino. “Also someone with experience and knowledge to lead a big complex organization like we have is going to be a priority.” City employees were also given the opportunity to voice their opinions and goals for the next city manager through a survey that was distributed through the city’s intranet system. More than 200 city workers anonymously responded to the survey and their opinions largely resonated council’s. “People put leading by example and believable leadership at the top of their priorities,” said Interim City Manager Mike Shellito. “(Our employees) are looking for a manager that they can follow, trust and respect.” Other skills that topped employees’ wish list for the next manager are strong communication and interpersonal skills and a desire for team-building opportunities to establish common city goals. At the Dec. 16 city council meeting, Murray said on-site face time with the new manager is also important to city employees. “Whether it’s showing up at the railyard at 7 a.m. or being visible around the different city departments it’s very evident that people want to relate to the new manager and feel like they are approachable,” Murray said. The search for Roseville’s next city manager, Murray said has brought in the best quality of candidates that he’s seen in the past several years, which Murray credits to Roseville’s reputation and services. Community leaders were also given an opportunity to provide their input on the new city manager with Murray. “The new manager doesn’t necessarily have to have city experience,” said Friends of Roseville Chairman Phil Ozenick. “Valuable experience could come from any place, like running a large corporation or military base.” Ozenick, who often spoke out against former manager Craig Robinson’s annual salary, said he believes the next manager shouldn’t yield more than $175,000 a year and not be granted a car allowance of any kind. “There are plenty of people that are experienced and would do good by the city that would find that to be an acceptable salary,” Ozenick said. Although Council and Murray won’t begin negotiating contracts and compensation until after a thorough interview process, the next city manager’s paycheck is aimed to end up in the $244,000 range. “I think the skill set will determine the salary,” said Roseville Chamber of Commerce CEO Wendy Gerig who is hoping the next manager will continue to see the value in the Chamber and help direct future growth and relationships with regional stakeholders. Aside from pleasing a city organization with hundreds of employees, whoever takes charge of the city will be faced with challenges that include a tight budget, the electric utility and future growth. “Roseville is unique in a lot of ways, which will be a challenge in and of itself,” Garbolino said. “That’s why someone with a good track record of success is important.” Jan. 13 marked the closing date for candidates to apply for the city manager position and according to Murray, 63 potential candidates have applied online and submitted resumes. Murray himself has chosen 19 strong candidates that he will interview and narrow the pool to eight people that he recommend council interview. “We will discuss everyone that I interview and they will be made aware of everyone who’s applied,” Murray said. The 63 candidates have applied from all over the nation, though the majority call California their home. Murray said although it’s typical that an organization cover the relocation costs for a candidate to move to Roseville, he has not had that discussion with council. The interview and evaluation process is scheduled to begin as early as March and council will narrow the candidate pool to their top three in April. A tentative city manager selection and appointment date scheduled in May.