Before voting blindly, think about country

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In 2006, I first campaigned for Charlie Brown. My choice to campaign again after a break of 42 years and cross party lines was due to utter dissatisfaction with the incumbent John Doolittle. Despite his total lack of ethics like holding to a “you pay me first before I listen” policy he still won re-election. If it were not for the criminal charges and need to spend more quality time with his defense counsel, I’m quite sure he’d be blithely seeking another term. Instead a candidate from outside our congressional district has graciously slunk into Northern California to replace him. Before blindly voting for Tom McClintock, could voters perhaps shed their party blindness and think for the bettterment of this country? I’m pretty sure in 2006 Charlie Brown failed against a dreadful Republican like Doolittle because party loyalty trumped the defects of the incumbent. Unfortunately we now face a world with new and unexpected challenges, so dusting off a candidate between offices isn’t just good enough. Nor do we need someone held hostage to the dreadful policies of the Cheney-Bush administration. Please vote for a new and realistic vision namely Charlie Brown this November. James McDaniel, Roseville