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Sun City show to benefit Kaseberg art docents
By: Bridget Jones Special to The Press-Tribune
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Sun City residents have lots of talent – artistic talent that is – and they’re showing it off for a good cause. The artists of Timber Creek in the Sun City Roseville retirement community are hosting their 14th annual art show and sale April 4 and 5. Approximately 45 artists participate in this event, and about 300 paintings will be on display, most of them for sale. The paintings range in style from realism to abstract. The two-day show is open to the public and admission is free. Dennis Carr, chairman of the event who will have several of his own paintings on display, said this show is a chance for the Roseville community to experience the talents of the Timber Creek artists. “It’s an opportunity for residents of Sun City who are members of the art club to exhibit some of the fine paintings they do,” Carr said. “Some are professional artists who are retired and do some gorgeous stuff.” The event will also showcase several pieces of hand-made jewelry and greeting cards. Those who attend can also participate in a raffle with six chances to win paintings by various Timber Creek artists. Raffle tickets are $1 each or five for $6. Carr said those who attend can also make reservations at the Timbers Restaurant, which is always open to the public, to complete their experience at the art show. “We’re encouraging people to come and make a full day of it,” Carr said. The show will be held in the Timber Ballroom and Fine Arts Clubroom Gallery. Live music will be playing in the gallery throughout the weekend. Janis Fogt, the organizer for the gallery portion of the show, said in the past, recorded music had always been played in the gallery, but this time she wanted to bring in musicians to add something more to the art show experience. “I just thought it would be nice to have that personal touch,” Fogt said. “A good part about that is it will get some people at the art show that would not normally come.” Fogt is recruiting local musicians of all ages, including some who are professionals. Musicians will be playing soft, gallery-acceptable music. Those who are interested in a chance to play at the show should contact Fogt by March 31. A silent auction will also be held for decorative mail boxes, each designed by a Timber Creek artist. The funds raised will go toward the art docent program at Kaseberg Elementary School. Every month an art docent presents the works of a specific painter to the students at Kaseberg, and then students attempt to emulate the artist’s work in their own paintings. The money raised through the auction helps purchase the art supplies needed for this program, said Principal Karen Quinlan. “It’s definitely going to benefit the students,” Quinlan said. “We’re always really excited about it. With the budget cuts, music and art are the kind of things you skim off of. So, without their donation we might not be able to purchase those materials.” Quinlan said she chose this particular program to receive the money from the auction because she felt it was a great match with the art program at Sun City Roseville. “It’s nice to tell the group because of them we can continue this program,” Quinlan said. “I looked for a need at the school that the seniors would feel proud about and know it was going to something they could really support. I just saw it as a great match.” Every year the art show is represented by a signature painting. This year’s selection is titled “Blue Oak” and was painted by Sun City Roseville resident Marian Fagan Batten. Batten said she was surprised and delighted when her painting was chosen and noted the painting was inspired by an oak tree on Sun City Boulevard. “I walk a lot early in the morning, and I go by this place fairly often,” Batten said. “And one morning the light (on the tree) was just perfect.” “Blue Oak” took her about a month to paint, but she has one piece in the show that she started working on about 20 years ago. She said she held off selling the painting of a woman selling flowers because she felt so confident about it, and she wasn’t sure she would feel that connection with a painting again. “I think it just took me that long to get to the point where I knew if I wanted to do something like that again I could,” Batten said. Batten said she hopes this show will educate the Roseville community about the various activities that take place at Sun City Roseville. “I hope that there will be lots of people from the entire Roseville community that will come to the show, because I think most people don’t have any idea about the wonderful things that are here,” she said. Fogt said she hopes this show is not only fun for those who attend, but that it also offers one very important thing to the community. “Hope, I would say,” Fogt said. “Because every time you pick up the paper or turn on the news there’s negative stuff, and I think this show will be very positive. I think for the community it will be a little encouragement of the beauty in the world.” Bridget Jones can be reached at or comment at