Unaffiliated voters offered ballot choice

By: Staff report
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Voters in Placer County who are registered either as non-partisan or with a non-qualified political party (also known as unaffiliated voters) may have seen postcards in their mailboxes from the Placer County elections division. These postcards are asking unaffiliated voters who vote by mail to notify the elections division which party ballot they would like to receive for the June 3, 2008 statewide direct primary election. Many voters have noticed that the postcards contain only three parties options. This is because the modified closed primary system used in California allows qualified political parties to decide whether or not unaffiliated voters may help nominate their candidates. For the June 3 statewide election, the Democratic, Republican and the American Independent parties have chosen to allow unaffiliated voters to help nominate their federal and state legislative candidates. Unaffiliated voters may choose a statewide direct primary ballot for one of these parties. These voters also have the option to vote a non-partisan ballot containing only non-partisan offices and measures for the statewide district primary election. The other three qualified political parties in California have decided that they want only their own party members to nominate the federal and state legislative candidates who will represent their respective parties in November. These parties are the Green, Libertarian and Peace and Freedom parties. If a voter who is currently registered as decline to state or with an unqualified party wishes to nominate a candidate for one of those parties, that voter would need to re-register to change his party affiliation. The close of registration for the June 3 statewide direct primary election is May 19. If you have any questions about the postcard or the June 3, election contact the Elections Division at (530) 886-5650 or toll free in California at 1 (800) 824-8683. You may also contact the Secretary of State's Office at 1 (800) 345-8683 or visit their Web site at for more information.