Tribe destroying Placer’s visual landscape

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Finally, a casino tribe is able to destroy western Placer County’s visual landscape for hundreds of miles by erecting a most inappropriate, out-of-scale obscenity – a 23-story hotel. Either the expansion design is a reflection of the tribe’s total lack of sophistication and insensitivity to the land, or this is greed at its zenith on many levels. If anything is worse than haphazardly plopping a vulgar skyscraper in the middle of our flatlands, it’s the coordinated silence and wink-wink conspiratorial approval by our elected officials who should be protecting the region from such a crass visual assault. The scale of this tasteless, ostentatious behemoth belongs in Las Vegas, Reno, or metropolitan skylines; no such shameless eyesore should be allowed to vandalize and trash our rural landscape. The casino tribe has been greasing the skids with “good neighbor” ulterior motives – their cash cow pays off, if you play their game. Now their payback is a total exemption from height limits, look-the-other-way approvals and no public opposition. Elected officials will be lining up for tribal campaign contributions in the next round of pay backs, while the visual shock of this monstrosity will remind us daily of short-sighted vision. Jake O’Rourke, Loomis