Transit dollars should be spent more wisely

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Being a resident of Roseville for 15 years now, I absolutely love the city and residents. The city services are second to none and the staff does a great job of supplying these services. Over the last 15 years the one thing that sticks out is the lack of ridership of our transit system. Roseville buses are usually empty on most routes around the city. I understand the commuter routes are standing room only, which seems positive. I know this is federal tax dollars, but we’re all federal taxpayers. With the economy and government agencies in budget distress it would seem prudent to spend these transit dollars in a community that would benefit from transit services. I regret not attending the transit commission meetings and voicing my opinion, but doubt if one person’s opinion would matter. I remember past mayors sharing similar thoughts and hope our current council will review the bus service with taxpayers in mind. Terrie Audisio, Roseville