Trainers bring rarefied air to Roseville

High-altitude workout like exercising at 9,000 feet
By: Bob Magnetti The Press-Tribune
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Training for a high-altitude bike race or mountain marathon? No need to go to the high Sierra or Colorado’s Rocky Mountains anymore. High-altitude training can be done down in the valley at Roseville’s U Functional Training center. Open since July, the 3,600 square-foot fitness center is a one-of-a-kind kinesiology-based business owned by Micah Emmitt and Billy White. White, a graduate of Granite Bay High School where he starred in football and track, is a recent graduate of Sacramento State. Emmitt is a graduate of Sutter High School in Sutter County and graduated from the University of Kansas. “Every thing we have in here is based on functional movement,” Emmitt said. “When you come into a gym, you usually see a bunch of machines.’ The U Functional Training center, instead, uses mostly free weights in its workouts. Supervised by a staff of instructors all certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The center offers individual and group training. Included in the specialized equipment is a FreeMotion iTonic vibration platform, TRX suspension training and an InBody body composition analyzer. The small glass booth that is the high-altitude trainer takes oxygen out of the air, explained Emmitt. “It can duplicate training up to 9,000 feet altitude,” he said. “That’s how you get the most benefit. It’s used for endurance training.” “Everything we do here is NASM-based,” said Emmitt’s partner White. The staff has been expanded to six members. “We have two FreeMotion, dual-cable machines for cross training,” he said. Most of the training at the center is done with free weights. “There’s quite a number of things I like about working at the U Functional Training. First, is their focus on functual strength, a form of strength training that transfers to the demands of real life movement so much better than just strengthening muscles in isolation,” said Paula Johnson, a personal trainer who has chosen to train her clients at the facility. “Second, is the fact that the owners spared no expense in getting the best tools for the job. That makes me a more effective trainer. Third, the trainers are incredibly knowledgeable, each having bachelor’s degrees in a related field and collegiate sports experience. Though it’s starting to become more common, you don’t get that kind of background from trainers at most clubs. Finally, the atmosphere there is very much different than other clubs – there’s no competition, no meat market, just everybody working hard, having fun, and making the most of themselves,” she said. U Functional Training is located in the Granite Pavilions center at 9221 Sierra College Blvd., suite 130.