On the Town: It’s time again to honor Mom

By: Joel Gordiejew
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This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day set aside to honor all mothers. But, how did Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate now, come about? Mother’s Day is actually centuries old. In Ancient Greece it was called Spring Celebration, in honor of Rhea, mother of the gods. In the early 1600s the Christians designated a day to honor Mary, mother of Christ. This religious order later expanded the day to honor all mothers in England and called it Mothering Sunday. The current celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States came about through petitions of a young lady by the name of Anna Jarvis. Jarvis, one of several daughters, cared for her ailing mother for many, many years. So when her mother died, Jarvis felt a great loss. Feeling that children often neglected to appreciate their mothers while they were still alive, she intended to start a Mother’s Day to honor all mothers whether dead or still alive. So in 1907 Jarvis, along with friends, began the campaign. They wrote letters to ministers, businessmen, and congressmen asking for a Mother’s Day holiday. The campaign proved to be the beginning of a successful endeavor. The first Mother’s Day was observed on May 10, 1908 during a church service honoring Jarvis’ mother. This event set the stage for future progress. Observance of Mother’s Day soon gained widespread popularity across the United States. Eventually the Mother’s Day International Association, established to promote and encourage meaningful observance of the event, came into being on December 12, 1912. Then in 1914, Jarvis’ ultimate dream came true. President Woodrow Wilson, by proclamation, and in honor all mothers, declared the second Sunday of May to be observed as Mother’s Day. So here we are, just a few days short of Sunday, May 8 — Mother’s Day — a day I personally believe we should celebrate every day. Sure, presents are fine. Taking her out to dinner would be an awesome treat. But, in addition. wouldn’t a great big hug, a kiss and a “I love you, Mom” be more in the spirit? Try it. I’m sure she’ll love it. • • • Local gymnasts qualify: Byers Gymnastics, Roseville, a provider of gymnastic training for boys and girls, has announced that Dani Judal and Cassie Bening qualified for USA Gymnastics Level 10 in Long Beach and that Amanda Presswood and Shani Remme qualified for the Western National Championship in San Diego. Congrats!! • • • On the waterfront: Have you visited the Delta King in Sacramento yet? You can stay in one of 44 luxurious staterooms and/or dine in their elegant Pilothouse. Voted a “must dine destination,” the Delta King is definitely an experience that will long be remembered. For more info visit them on the website at or call (916) 444-5464. • • • Who said it? The two greatest movers of the human mind are the desire of good and the fear of evil (Samuel Johnson) … Some people are very decisive when it comes to avoiding decisions (Anonymous) … Everything is funny as long as it’s happening to someone else (Will Rogers) … The size of the cut you inflict on yourself while shaving is directly proportionate to the importance of the event you’re about to attend (Anonymous) … We may not always see eye to eye, but we can sure try to see heart to heart (Anonymous) … • • • Wise Buys contest: I’m happy to announce that Lance Murphy and Hallie Young are our third week winners of vouchers good for any one item in the store. Congrats! The contest is scheduled for one more week. Send an e-mail or drop off your name, address and phone number at the Press Tribune. • • • Martini Hour: Fat’s Asia Bistro is offering half off on appetizers and reduced prices on martinis, beer, wine and cocktails, Monday through Friday from 3-6 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Offers are good at both the Roseville and Folsom locations. • • • Did you know: That there are over 308,745,538 people living in America … the best selling vehicle in 2010 was the Ford F-Series pickup truck (528,349) … the first no-hit baseball game was pitched by St. Louis’ G.W. Bradley against Hartford, Connecticut … corn is not mentioned in the Bible, nor is it mentioned in any other ancient literature of the Old World … from 1875 through 1878 the United States minted a 20-cent piece … according to university research, people can fall asleep with their eyes open … strictly speaking, only the male should be called a peacock. The female is properly called a peahen and the young are known as peachicks … • • • Last week’s dining winner: Sidnee McKinney is the lucky recipient of $25 toward dining at any one of the listed restaurants on this page, courtesy of The Roseville Press Tribune. You could be the next winner. Please make sure you attach your receipt to the entry form. • • • Birthdays and anniversaries: This week’s greetings go out to best friend Kristen Fisher and long time friend David Davis from Joni Broadway. Our congrats to all the celebrants. Here’s your opportunity to spotlight a family member, friend or just that someone special in your life. To get your announcement in this feature call or e-mail your info to On the Town. • • • Thought for the week: “When the charm wears off, there is nothing but character left.” — Anonymous Joel Gordiejew can be reached at or (916) 774-7934.