Tobin wants to bring integrity to Placer County

Seeks to represent District 4 on Placer Board of Supervisors
By: ToLewis, The Press Tribune
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Editor’s note: The Press Tribune is profiling both candidates for the Placer County Board of Supervisors District 4 seat. To read a profile on candidate Kirk Uhler, click here or see the April 11 edition of the Press Tribune.

Pam Tobin is seeking to unseat incumbent Kirk Uhler to represent District 4 on the Placer County Board of Supervisors, a seat that is up for re-election June 5.

Tobin, who currently chairs the San Juan Water District, said she is running because she believes she can make a difference in the district by giving citizens a voice.

“I’m really disappointed that our (current) supervisor has been involved with one scandal after another and embarrasses our community,” Tobin said. “I want to bring some integrity back to the district.”

Tobin said part of bringing integrity back to the district means making sure contractors don’t receive special treatment and that businesses are competing for county contracts on a “level playing field.”

She made reference to Solar Power Inc., a private company in which Uhler served as an executive that was awarded a tax-exempt contract to build a solar facility on county-owned land in North Auburn in 2007. Uhler was not on the board at the time of the agreement.

Tobin also called into question the hiring of Uhler’s wife, Tami, as the assistant director of the Placer County Department of Child Support Services while the county was going through a hiring freeze in 2009.

Uhler has consistently denied any wrongdoing or involvement in her hiring.

“One of the key things I want to do is make sure that there is not any special treatment,” Tobin said. “I represent the people who live in the community.”

Tobin was born in New Hampshire and moved to Granite Bay in 1971, where she and her husband have raised two boys, Jason and Jeffery, who are now grown and living in Southern California.

She has served as a community and project leader for the Granite Bay 4H Club and is also a past president of the Granite Bay Chamber of Commerce.

She has served with the San Juan Water District for eight years and is currently the seated director and chair of the district, overseeing a $22 million annual budget.

The South Placer Firefighters Association has endorsed Tobin because it feels she is more in line with the values of that organization, according to Kelly Moretti, president of Local 3809 for the South Placer Firefighters Association.

Moretti said the union feels Tobin is “labor friendly” and concerned that revenue goes toward county services that taxpayers are promised.

 “She is willing to fight for what she believes in terms of fiscal responsibility and efficiency in government,” Moretti said. “As the South Placer Firefighters Association, we agree with that.”

Tobin said she has also received endorsements from former Placer supervisor Rex Bloomfield, San Juan Water District Board colleague Ted Costa, Brian Vlahos of the Roseville City School District and Wally Reemelin, former president of the now-dissolved League of Placer County Taxpayers.

Tobin said another issue facing Placer County is the pay scale for top county executives.

“The CEO pay is quite high in Placer County,” Tobin said. “The issue with that is consecutively every year, they talk about how much money they need to save.”

Tobin said she is concerned that county employees have to make concessions by paying into their own health benefits and retirement plans while county executives continue to get pay raises.

Tobin also said the county needs to be more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to planning for future growth.

She said while she is happy to see the improvements with the Roseville bottleneck and Highway 65 interchange, the issue arose in the first place because future growth had not been properly addressed.

“We need to start lobbying earlier, faster, better to address future changes,” Tobin said. “We need to be talking to state and federal and local governments now so that we can have these changes in place to address future growth.”

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Placer County Board of Supervisors – District 4

District 4 encompasses the Granite Bay community and parts of Roseville along east side of the Highway 65 corridor from the Rocklin border to Blue Oaks Boulevard. The district also extends southwest of Highway 65 to Diamond Oaks Golf Course.

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