Time for a change in Congress

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In the last eight years, with a conservative president and too many career politicians, the federal government has spent more than $4 trillion dollars more than it brought in. This alone should be reason enough to demand change. Career politicians simply must go. There have been many mistakes in this last eight years from financial irresponsibility to the handling of the Iraq war. There is obviously enough blame to go around. It is time to elect a non-politician with new ideas. Someone with 26 years of military experience that might actually have some knowledge on what to do about Iraq. Someone with common sense. This community deserves to be represented in Congress by a high caliber person. Fortunately, we have Charlie Brown. He is running for all the right reasons. He is not a politician, just someone who is honest, intelligent, filled with integrity and willing to work for this community and do what is right for America. Please join me in voting for Charlie Brown for Congress. Russ Nash, Granite Bay