Thunder dominate SFL football individual awards

By: Staff Report
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The coaches of the Sierra Foothill League have released their all-league team for the 2009 season, and not surprisingly the individual awards are dominated by league champion Rocklin, who will face Del Oro in the section title game after knocking off Grant.


Running back Jackson Cummings is the league’s offensive MVP and linebacker Daniel Lessard is the top defensive player, while Thunder head coach Greg Benzel was named the coach of the year.


Offensive MVP – Jackson Cummings, Rocklin

Defensive MVP – Daniel Lessard, Rocklin

Linemen of the year – Trevor Cooper, Rocklin; Adrian Williams, Del Oro; Nick Kempker, Granite Bay

Coach of the year – Greg Benzel, Rocklin


First team offense:                                                                     

Eddie Love, senior center, Del Oro           

Cody Sviba, senior guard, Granite Bay

Travis Doupnik, senior guard, Del Oro

Ryan Cope, junior tackle, Del Oro

Vince Gibbs, senior tackle, Rocklin

Holden Huff, senior tight end, Rocklin

Adrian Williams, junior tight end, Del Oro

Fred Mobley, senior wide receiver, Oakmont

Spencer Butterfield, senior wide receiver, Del Oro

Matt Hack, senior wide receiver, Roseville

Ian Rhodes, senior wide receiver, Granite Bay

James Nunley, senior running back, Woodcreek

Jackson Cummings, senior running back, Rocklin

Bryce Pratt, senior running back, Del Oro

Devaunte Bolton, senior running back, Granite Bay

Jimmy Laughrea, junior quarterback, Rocklin

Matt Kine, senior utility, Granite Bay

Bobby Reeves, junior kicker, Woodcreek


First team defense:

Cameron Stettner, senior defensive line, Woodcreek     

Russell LeBard, senior defensive line, Oakmont

Nick Kempker, senior defensive line, Granite Bay     

Garrett Mendes, senior defensive line,   Granite Bay

Brandon Markin, senior defensive line, Del Oro

Trevor Cooper, senior defensive line, Rocklin     

BJ Roberts, junior outside linebacker,        Rocklin

Ahmad Sanatyar, senior outside linebacker, Del Oro

Ashkan Mizani, senior outside linebacker, Granite Bay

Daniel Lessard, senior inside linebacker, Rocklin            

Sean Moore, senior inside linebacker, Rocklin

Blake Landry, senior inside linebacker, Del Oro

Jacob Kludjian, senior inside linebacker, Granite Bay

John Kendall, senior defensive back, Granite Bay

Andrew Knapp, senior defensive back, Granite Bay

Freddie Cargile, senior defensive back, Del Oro

Garth Keffer, senior defensive back, Rocklin  

Nick Stephenson, senior defensive back, Woodcreek     

Jon Root, senior punter, Del Oro                       


Second team offense

James Selfridge, senior center, Oakmont

Sam Klein, senior guard, Woodcreek

Joey Ramos, junior guard, Rocklin            

Brian McNay, senior tackle, Rocklin

Jenner Lubinsky, junior tackle, Woodcreek

Beau Smith, junior tight end, Roseville

Kyle Garvella, senior wide receiver, Rocklin

Cory Brehm, junior running back, Granite Bay

Max Magleby, junior quarterback, Del Oro

Nick Blaser, junior quarterback, Roseville

Brendan Keeney, sophomore quarterback, Granite Bay

Michael Garrison, junior utility, Oakmont

Vincent Barros, senior kicker, Rocklin


Second team defense

Alex Gains, senior defensive lineman, Oakmont

Anthony Roberts, junior defensive lineman, Roseville

Nic Cooper, junior defensive lineman, Rocklin

Foster Tracey, junior defensive lineman, Roseville

Drew Tawlks, junior outside linebacker, Roseville

Chris French, senior inside linebacker, Oakmont

Thomas Parker, sophomore inside linebacker, Oakmont

Demetrio Cardenas, senior inside linebacker, Woodcreek

Jason Stewart, junior inside linebacker, Woodcreek

Andrew McEwan, senior defensive back, Rocklin

Scott Polaske, senior defensive back, Rocklin  

Geordan Nunley, junior defensive back, Woodcreek

Blake Cervantes, junior defensive back, Woodcreek     

Adam Womack, senior defensive back, Woodcreek     


Honorable mention offense

Sean Boyle, senior guard, Woodcreek

Alex Ford, senior quarterback, Oakmont