Three bunnies abandoned outside Placer SPCA in Roseville

Animal shelters struggle with notion of rabbits as ‘disposable holiday gifts’
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Three young rabbits were found abandoned in front of the Placer SPCA in Roseville on April 9 - the day after Easter.

"It's hard to speculate what motivated someone to leave these helpless animals outside without even knocking on the door," said CEO Leilani Fratis, in a news release. "It seems someone thought baby bunnies were a great idea for Easter and had no use for them when the holiday ended."

Every year, animal shelters struggle to inform the community that rabbits shouldn't be treated as disposable holiday gifts, but as a long-term addition to the family.

Placer SPCA's Roseville center, located at 150 Corporation Yard Road, is closed to the public on Mondays. At about 2:30 p.m., a staff member found an open Styrofoam cooler placed on a bench outside the building. Inside were the three young rabbits estimated to be 3 months old.

"The rabbits appear to be healthy and are definitely used to being handled," Fratis said.

The three rabbits, now named Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, will be spayed and neutered and given time to recover in the home of foster volunteers prior to be placed up for adoption.

To learn about adopting rabbits and the responsibilities involved in their ownership, contact the Placer SPCA at (916) 782-7722, (530) 885-7387 or email For more information, visit

~ Sena Christian