Thank you, city council

Reader Input
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Congratulations to the Roseville City Council for approving the ordinance regulating how marijuana can be grown in Roseville. The ordinance enables marijuana users with valid doctors’ recommendations to grow their own “medicine” under controlled conditions that will not create a public nuisance. It also protects neighbors from the skunk-like odor emitted by maturing plants, which can prevent them from using their yards or swimming pools.

There were a couple of issues not addressed at the council that need clarification. One councilmember stated that there had been no complaints. According to the Roseville Police Department, there were “at least 75 complaints in the past three years.” In contrast, the Placer County Air Pollution Control District, which was mentioned as a possible alternative enforcement agent, had “only a couple” of complaints.

Another point not clarified was the statement that all the problems were the result of one house in the Cresthaven Neighborhood Association. The councilmembers knew that this was not the case. Only a couple of the 75-plus complaints came from our NA. It was a widespread problem in the city. However, Cresthaven residents were the ones who took the leadership initiative to research the problem and recommend a solution.

Again, our thanks to the council for taking a much-needed action on behalf of all residents.

Jack D. Wallace, Roseville