Test your green knowledge

Don't know enough? Check out 'Celebrate the Earth' event
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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How much do you really know about living an eco-friendly life? Oh, you think you’re the expert?

Test your knowledge with this quiz. If you come to find out you still have something to learn, then grab the family and swing by the Roseville Utility Exploration Center, which features displays on energy efficiency, renewable technology, water conservation, recycling and more.

Better yet, attend the Celebrate the Earth Festival on Saturday, April 16, at Mahany Regional Park in Roseville.

1. What are smart ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly?
a. Keep grease out of the drain. Store it in a sealed container for proper recycling or reuse
b. Use crock-pots, toaster ovens, solar ovens and electric kettles
c. Plan menus that use local, seasonal produce and cut back on heavily packaged goods
d. All of the above

2. What saves on space heating and cooling?
a. Turn the thermostat up two degrees in summer and down two degrees in winter
b. Don’t clean or replace HVAC filters
c. Turn on the air conditioner full blast during the summer
d. Turn the heater on full blast during winter

3. If all Roseville environmental utility customers switched to high-efficient toilets, the city would save enough water in one year to fill up 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
True or false?

4. What percentage of the typical household’s annual water consumption goes to landscape irrigation?
a. More than 65 percent
b. 12 percent
c. Less than 40 percent
e. 33 percent

5. The first Earth Day in the United States took place in what year?
a. 1970
b. 1995
c. 1913
d. 1986

6. Scientists estimate that 3 percent of human-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from cars, trucks, airplanes, trains and ships.
True or false?

7. Roseville boasts how many miles of on-street bike lanes and off-street bike paths?
a. 400 and 30
b. 84 and 28
c. 55 and 100
d. None of the above

8. What is a great way to save electricity?
a. Use incandescent light bulbs
b. Leave the lights on all the time
c. Buy Energy Star appliances and electronics
d. Live in a really big house

9. Bamboo is an eco-friendly, renewable floor material — the shoots mature in about three years and are regenerated by the root plant after each harvest.
True or false?

10. California’s target for per capita per day disposal (or waste reduction rate) is 8.8 pounds per person per day. Roseville’s per capita rate is which of the following?
a. 4.6 pounds per person per day
b. 12 pounds per person per day
c. 9 pounds per person per day
d. 2.6 pounds per person per day


Celebrate the Earth Festival

When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 16

Where: Mahany Regional Park, 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd. in Roseville
Cost: Free

Info: Call (916) 746-1550 or visit


1. d
2. a
3. True
4. a
5. a
6. False. 15 percent
7. b
8. c
9. True
10. a

Sources: City of Roseville, Utility Exploration Center, Regional Water Authority