Support theater groups in spite of tough times

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Times are tough; we are all cutting back. But we cannot allow our local theater groups to suffer. We recently saw “Oklahoma!” at the Magic Circle Theatre in Roseville. It featured a great cast, vibrant set, live chamber orchestra and wonderful singing. The theater is small and easy to navigate. I had to drive only a few miles to see it. We opted for the dinner, too. The food is great, and you can enjoy your wine and then mellow in the theater before driving home. Just one problem: The theater was only half-filled. As we left, we resolved to spend more Fridays at the Magic Circle, but likewise we wondered how long they can survive half-filled performances. True, the downtown theaters do a good job and also need our support. But local theater groups, especially the versatile repertoire of Magic Circle Theatre, are special. So, treat yourself. You will resolve, as have we, to abandon your usual Friday routine and have some fun at the stage door. Roger S. Peterson, Rocklin