Support for Salvation Army urged by reader

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Greetings! As you well know, the economy has taken a toll on many lives. Either we are feeling the effects of the economy or we may know someone who is. When you give money to the Salvation Army lives are changed. Your monetary donation not only helps families during Christmas, but also helps the lives of so many throughout the upcoming 2009 year. In our particular city, community and county we have seen so many new faces come through our doors with most being middle income individuals and families who are embarrassed that they have to ask for help for the first time. Change helps change lives ... whether it is $1 or $100 every bit helps. Would you please consider donating to the Salvation Army in Roseville? My wife and I as well as our community, thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and for being our friends and companions together as we take care of one another. We pray you have a blessed Christmas and New Year. In addition to the actual person standing at a kettle and to streamline the efforts, you are now able to make your donation online. If you would like to us meet our goal for the work that is done in our community, please go to (on the right you will see an online red kettle; click on that). If it asks for a Zip code, please put in 95678. God’s blessings and grace, Captain Chris Aird, Corps Officer, Roseville Corps