Summer splash time winding down

Roseville’s two public swimming venues still open all week long
By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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know and go Roseville Aquatics Complex 1-4:30 p.m Monday-Friday 1-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Weekend hours only starting Aug. 7 $2 ages 2-4 $5 age 5 and up Family Night Mon/Wed/Fri 7:30-9 p.m. Johnson Pool 1-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday until Aug. 7 $2 ages 2 and up Family Night Mon/Wed 6:45-8:15 p.m. Popsicles stain lips, air conditioning is expensive and sticking your head in the freezer tends to cause brain freeze. When the mercury rises well above 100 degrees, Roseville keeps its cool by the pool. “You can only stay inside with the air conditioning on for so long,” said Danielle Gerbaud, a Rocklin mom lounging poolside at the Roseville Aquatics Center on Monday. “You start to get stir crazy and that’s when we head here.” Gerbaud said she enjoys relaxing with fellow Rocklin mom and friend Janiece Troutman while they chat over gossip magazines and chick lit as their kids played in the water Monday. Troutman said she uses the pool as an incentive for her kids to exhibit good behavior at home. A trip to the pool is the reward for the completion of chores and getting along with siblings. “It keeps the peace and it’s fun for the kids,” Troutman said. “I can relax and I know the kids are having a good time and are safe.” Gerbaud and Troutman visit the Aquatics Center regularly for the water slide, diving boards and snack shack where kids can take a break with cherry icees before jumping back in the water. “Since the weather has been so hot, we have definitely seen more people this year,” said Aquatics Complex Manager Alyse Dixon. Kristi Holman said a local pool was a must-have when her family moved from Southern California to Roseville. “Knowing that it would be above 100 degrees some days the pool is the first place we go,” Holman said. Six-year-old Kaitlin Holman needs another inch or so before her summer can be called perfect. Just short of the 47” height regulation, Kaitlin sticks to the children’s play area although her heart is set on the 150-foot waterslide. “We check her height everyday,” Holman said. “She tried to sneak in once but they caught her. Maybe next summer.” Holman and her three daughters have turned to the pool on more than one occasion this summer when going to the library or staying home playing games did little to keep the heat and summer blues at bay. “We also try to do vacations the cheapie way, like daytrips or camping,” Holman said. “But some days you just have to head to the pool.” Dixon said the combination of record-breaking temperatures and a faltering economy has kept parents, with troops of children in tow, beating down a path to their neighborhood swimming pool. “We see a lot of parents bringing their kids and friends to the pool because it’s a cheap alternative to going to the movies or going to a water park,” said Roseville Recreation Technician Megan Henry. “The families come out for family fun night in the evenings after work.” This summer, both Johnson Pool and the Roseville Aquatics Complex are open for public swim during the day and Family Night Swim on some weeknights. “We light up the pool, there’s music and it’s a chance for families to come swim when it’s not so hot out,” Dixon said. “Admission is also cheaper so it’s a fun, inexpensive night out for families.”