Stooges and Cool River Pizza have plenty of zing

Pizza, a Movie and 2 Sisters!
By: Emma Boyle (with help from sister Reagan)
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Cool River Pizza

Rating: 5 slices out of 5

Our mission: To taste pizza around town, enjoy a movie, and have fun sharing our experience!

Pizza: Cool River Pizza, Rocky Ridge and Cirby Way, Roseville

Movie: “The Three Stooges” (2012)

A river – of cheese

When I walked into Cool River pizza, I smelled the Hall-of-Pizza Fame.

My pizza pie arrived; the pepperoni polka-dotted surf board was floating on a Cool River of cheese.

My eyes grew as I took the first bite. My mouth witnessed the thick crust, what I call “heaven on bread!” The crust had a few bubbles that were filled with bread like air. The sauce was smooth to the touch, but sassy with a wave of spice which rolled onto my delicate taste buds. The pepperoni seized a high magnitude of zing.

The pie reminded me of Italy and America united for the good of pizza!

My sister Reagan reports: Each bite of my Kayak pizza was filled with a soft, warm inside. The top had a crunchy crust with lots of melted cheeses and flavor.

Still laughing from the Stooges

Moe, Larry, and Curly, also known as the Three Stooges, were thrown out of a moving car in front of an orphanage. Unable to be adopted the Three Stooges make the orphanage their home, with a lot of pranks. As adults, the trio venture out on their own to raise money to save the orphanage, but along the way, the Stooges meet up with an old friend.

Curly has a “nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!” laugh, including a “woo-woo-woo!” when he is happy or has an idea. Curly is always agreeable with a “soitenly!” and barking like a dog.

Larry has curly hair and is bald on top. Larry loves his donuts, but makes a big mistake with donuts on his mind.

Moe is the leader of the trio. Moe branches out on his own to co-star with Snooki and the gang on the reality show “Jersey Shore.”

The Three Stooges are so funny, with the horseplay, eye poking, hitting and bouncing off of each other. Reagan and I laughed and laughed at how silly Moe, Larry and Curly played.

Mom says, the horseplay is like the old black and white Three Stooges comedy.

Pizza, a Movie and 2 Sisters! is submitted by Emma Boyle, 9, and sister Reagan, 6. The Roseville girls review take-out pizza and a movie each month at