Springtime means a brush-up on trail guidelines

Follow these etiquette rules to stay safe, share the trails
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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Springtime means Roseville’s trails are even more populated with pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages.

But Roseville resident Glenda Beckford says the trails are also a hotbed of confusion. She’s a regular walker on local trails, and says many people just don’t seem to know the rules.

To ensure people get to enjoy, and be safe on, the trail, the city developed a Share the Trail pilot program on the Miner’s Ravine Trail so users understand proper etiquette and expectations. But users of all Roseville’s 30 miles of trails will benefit from following these five guidelines:

  1. Bicyclists ride in the right lane: As on other regional trails, such as the popular American River Trail, bicyclists should keep on the right, except to pass. Look before switching lanes or directions of travel. Use your bike’s lights when it’s dark outside.
  2. Pedestrians walk on the left lane: This allows pedestrians to see approaching cyclists. Avoid covering both ears with headphones, as this can make it difficult to hear bicyclists.
  3. Don’t block the trail: Avoid stopping in the middle of trail, on bridges or in other narrow areas. If you need to stop, move to the edge of the trail or the shoulder and leave room for others to pass. Don’t travel with more than two people abreast.
  4. Keep dogs under control: Put your dog on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Clean up after your dog. Keep your dog on the trail at all times, as they are not permitted in open space or preserves.
  5. Travel at a safe speed: The city of Roseville doesn’t have speed limits, so it’s up to trail users to know a safe speed. Slower traffic has the right of way. Slow down at bridges, tight turns, intersections or when approaching others. Use audible warning signs when passing.

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