Sports arena misnamed

Reader Input
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There are three points that should be emphasized regarding the new sports/entertainment complex being ramrodded down our throats. 1. The Maloofs (Sacramento Kings owners) are to be commended for their astute business sense. One of the basic tenets of business is to make your money and use other people’s money to do it. (Which then begs the point; if the Maloofs are, in fact losing $5- to $ 9 million a year on the Kings as they claim, why continue to keep this franchise? Wait — could it be yet another tax write-off? Imagine … an $8 beer as a write-off!) 2. Size does matter. Someone mentioned that ARCO Arena is the second smallest facility in the league. The Maloofs aren’t making enough money already with all their other business interests. Now they can raise parking to $15. Oh, and that $8 beer will now cost you $10! 3. How come the poor, dilapidated, broken-down arena that is in such a state of disrepair was acceptable to the NCAA to participate in the first two rounds of the “March Madness” NCAA basketball tournament? Hmmm! Since the current trend in naming sports/entertainment complexes after those who sponsor them, I propose that we name the new Sacramento facility: The Silent Majority Who Really Don’t Want This Thing, But Since A Few Influential People Do, This Is What You Get Arena. It could be placed like a crown on the building, a revolving neon monument to those influential people who work behind closed doors like the Wal-Mart and Home Depot people, the fans! Rick Turton, Auburn