Special delivery! Rosebuds will focus on editor's experiences parenting in Roseville

By: Michelle Carl, Press Tribune Editor
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Just what the internet needs - another mom blogger.

I realize columns about pregnancy and parenting are everywhere, maybe it's because every mom's experience is special.

So why would you want to read about my adventures in diaper changing?

Well, for starters, you don't have to. But I'm a writer and this is what I love to do (and hopefully, pouring my varied emotions out onto the keyboard will help keep my sanity through this huge change in my life!).

Second, Rosebuds will be useful. If I'm sharing a story about how I thought I was going to yak during a manager's meeting, I'm going to also share with you resources on how I beat morning sickness. It's also going to be local. I'm looking forward to raising my child in such a wonderful community as Roseville. I want to share the great resources that exist for parents in our area.

And I'll keep it short - I know your spare moments between bottle feedings are few and far between.

So thanks for coming along on this journey with me. I also hope you'll share your experiences in the Facebook comments section under each column.

Michelle Carl is the editor of the Roseville Press Tribune. She is due with her first child, a boy, June 21. Rosebuds appears Thursdays online.