Slow down to protect wildlife, pleads reader

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On Monday morning, July 7, just past 5 a.m. outside my window I heard the screeching of braking tires coming from a large dark SUV. The driver hit and killed a young doe. He stopped his vehicle, got out and made a cell phone call to someone. In the early morning stillness, I could hear him saying he hit a deer, and he laughed. This letter is to anyone who uses the country roadways. Please slow down for our families of deer, other wildlife and pets. These animals, both wild and domestic, make up a part of our community. They add so much to the natural world and deserve to have a place in it. As their natural homes get denied to them by more and more development, pavement and fencing, they must search for food elsewhere and more and more of them get onto the roadways and are ending up like our doe – dead and mangled on the road. And she’s going to lay there for a couple days until animal control can get here. Have you had a dead deer outside your house for a couple days? It is gruesome and sad. Why live in the country if you don’t respect and appreciate it. I cannot understand his laughing. I know it happens frequently and is not given much thought by many people, but please, slow down and watch for animals, even if just to prevent vehicle damage. Make a promise to yourself. Don’t let it be you who kills the next deer. Pat Miller, Loomis