Simon says yes to family support

By: Brett Ransford, Special to The Press-Tribune
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As a junior at Roseville High School, Katie Simon models excellence both on and off the basketball court. Supported by her loving parents and a younger sister who also plays basketball, Katie is able to enjoy today while still looking into the future. “My family is really supportive of everything I do. We like to hang out a lot as a family, just the four of us. My grandparents live in Sacramento, so we’re pretty close as a family. My dad is always taking me to extra practices and my mom is also always helping so I’m not too stressed out about stuff. “I’m weighing my options and seeing what’s available to me,” Katie says about heading to college in the next couple years. “Last fall I was in a tournament and there was something like 60 scouts at one of my games.” Included in her options are upcoming opportunities to visit various parts of the country with her AAU basketball team, the Sacramento Believers. The Believes are comprised in part by Katie’s friends and fellow Sierra Foothill League competitors from schools such as Del Oro and Granite Bay. Traveling around to Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee and Southern California, Katie will be able to spend time with her family and possibly look at some colleges. “Ideally I’d like to get a full ride somewhere, but right now I’m visiting campuses and trying to see what the pros and cons are of each university,” she said. “Normally I’ll have a tournament and the trip to the tournament will turn into a family trip so it’s a bonding experience.” Usually Katie likes to hang out with her friends, going shopping, hanging out at the mall or going the movies, but acknowledges that basketball has turned into a large portion of her life. “Most of the time I am playing basketball,” Simon said. “Once school ends, summer league is starting.” In high school Katie likes to study math. She enjoys reading, but she is not the biggest fan of writing as part of English courses. “I just got done with honors pre-calculus which was a pretty rigorous class,” Simon said, “but I like studying stuff that I understand. I’m not a huge fan of English. I like reading, but it’s the writing sometimes that is not too much fun.” Katie is well focused and strives for excellence as a student-athlete. In continuing her success in basketball she is hoping to be exposed to more and more chances to reach the next level. “If you’re dedicated to making time, then you’ll get it done,” she said. “As long as you have friends to help you out and a supportive family then the experience is really cool.”