Silent majority has been passive too long

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I’m concerned about the future of this great nation. I’m worried that the silent majority has been passive too long. Most folks I know go about their lives trying to maintain the good life. We shake our heads at the “news”, thinking that what we hear is always slanted. We can’t understand how elected officials violate our trust with more pork barrel spending. We don’t want government taking care of us from birth to grave. We want the government to protect us not raise our taxes for more government programs that add to our debt. As this election year winds down, we need to pick the man who can best represent our values; the man who has demonstrated his moral turpitude and inner fortitude in standing firm against those who will spend, spend, and spend and tax, tax, and tax. We need the man who has a proven record of standing firm against the big spenders and protecting the peoples pocketbook. That man is Tom McClintock. Dallas Kipp, Roseville