Share your love stories

By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Editor
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Some people think romantic, real-life love stories are a thing of the past. Not many today can tell a love story like that of my parents. Or can they?

My father, a sailor in the Italian navy, met my mother in Long Beach in 1954. My father and his Italian shipmates were on their way to Washington to pick up a new minesweeper ship and get trained on it before returning to Italy.

My mother and her girlfriend had taken the red car to Long Beach. Perhaps the stars were aligned or perhaps it was just luck, but my father – who spoke no English – and his sailor friends began chatting up the pretty American girls – who spoke no Italian.

My parents fell in love with the help of their Italian-English dictionaries and were married three months later. My dad shipped off to Italy and nearly a year passed before he returned. My parents’ time apart is documented with ribbon-bound bundles of love letters that my mom still cherishes. The two of them recently celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary.

My husband and I don’t have quite as sweet a tale to tell, although how many people can say they fell in love at Love’s? My husband’s father owned a Love’s barbecue restaurant in Southern California and my husband and I both worked there while going to school – me to college and he to law school. We worked a lot together one summer and soon were in love. We were married in 1983 and will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year.

These are my stories and I invite you to share yours. Email your stories to or drop them off at the Loomis News office at 3550 Taylor Road in the Blue Goose fruit shed. Send them by Feb. 8 and I will publish as many as I can in the Valentine’s Day issue of the paper.