Sewell experiences Western States

By: Kurt Johnson, The Press Tribune
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Granite Bay 18-year-old Andrew Sewell was the youngest competitor in this year’s Western States Endurance Run, and while he did not finish the race, he had a very good day. In addition to completing 80 miles, Sewell raised about $500 for the charitable organization Hunt for a Lifetime, according to his father, Garry. “As you can imagine, Andrew’s day was full of highs and lows,” Garry Sewell said. “He had a lot of firsts – running 80 miles, running for 24 hours straight.” Sewell was on a decent pace into Foresthill (62 miles in), but hit a rough stretch about 10 miles out and missed the time cut-off at about the 80 mile point. “Even though he really wanted to finish, I told him that was an amazing accomplishment to be proud of since there are just a handful of 18 yr old kids that have even attempted running 100 miles,” Garry Sewell said.