Seniors say goodbye

Woodcreek High School sends off its senior class
By: Lauren Weber The Press-Tribune
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Graduating seniors at Woodcreek High School exchanged nervous smiles and excited cheers as they anxiously waited to take their seats at the commencement ceremony that symbolized an end to their high school career. Almost 500 students moved their tassels, received their diploma and tossed their caps Friday night in celebration of four years as Timberwolves. Besides celebration and excitement, the theme that was continually echoed during the ceremony was that high school agraduation is not the end, but the beginning. Salutatorian Ashley Buckner gave fellow students hope and a positive outlook for the future. “We have the potential to change society as it is today,” she said. “Doors hold the opportunities of the future.” In the midst of cheers and speeches, graduates listened to songs with positive messages. Chelsea Huddle sang “Anyway” by Martina McBride – encouraging students to dream. “You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach and you know it might not ever come your way, dream it anyway,” the song advised. Valedictorian Jesse Ruder grabbed his guitar and sang a personalized “Good Riddance (time of your life)” by Green Day. In the second verse, he referred to the freedom that each student now holds and the seagulls and smelly trees on Woodcreek’s campus – things that only Timberwolves can relate to. But before the speeches, songs, noise makers and cheers, many students were in awe that this day had finally come. “It just started to sink in that it’s over,” said Amanda Roberts. Fellow classmate Amelia Allen couldn’t agree more. She admitted feeling “kind of nervous. It just hit me.” For many, the friendships and school involvement was what students thought they’d miss most. Stephen Chow played basketball all four years at Woodcreek and just minutes before the ceremony, as thoughts of high school’s end ran through his head, he confessed that playing sports is what he’ll miss the most. But when the music started, the students began their walk to the quad and cheered in unison as Roseville’s first graduating class of the 2008 season. Woodcreek principal Jess Borjon addressed the crowd with tips for the future and applause for their past. “It was evident this group had a big heart,” Borjon said as he listed academic awards, community service and athletic awards the class achieved – busting the myth that nice guys finish last. With a quote from Maria Shriver’s book, “Just Who Will You Be?,” Borjon said the class of 2008 stood out because of the fusion of being kind and cool – something Shriver stresses in her book. “Class of 2008, as you say goodbye to Woodcreek High School, remember your lesson of being nice, compassionate and considerate,” he said. One by one, students’ names were called, they took the stage and with a quick handshake and photo, it was over. Before the red caps filled the air, each took their final steps on campus as high school students, but Borjon encouraged it not to be their last. “You’ll always have a home here at Woodcreek High School,” he said.