Senior voices concern about retirement

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I am very concerned with the possibility of a large reduction in the monthly check for the senior citizens depending on Social Security. I know the state budget is in the red, however, there are many cuts that could be made besides causing misery to the most vulnerable among us. For those getting SS1, a $40 cut a month, is a disaster. Here in Roseville, we have a group of senior citizen advocates who have a monthly TV program on our local station. However, this group has very little concern for lower income seniors. Mostly, these advocates are talking about amusements and cutesy social programs for seniors. (In my humble opinion, most of there activities are an insult to the intelligence of senior citizens.) This local group of senior advocates and their TV program is designed for the upper income seniors. I am sure they don’t need to be told about social programs. They already know the route to the local country clubs. There are many seniors in Roseville on the other end of the spectrum, including many depending on SS1. Most are not anticipating the opening of Tiffany jewelers in Roseville or seeking a listing in the social register. It’s unlikely our representative in the state legislature will be much help. He is obviously following the Republican line of a reversed Robin Hood to take from the poor and give to the rich. May God help those who are most vulnerable, the aged, disabled and blind, who depend on SS1. Robert Russell Johnson, Roseville