Security guard at Roseville Target stops alleged ‘peeper’

By: Press Tribune crime desk
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Roseville police confirmed this week that a Yuba City man was arrested near the Target on Fairway Drive. According to Roseville police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther, an observant security guard caught 44-year-old Parrish Heaven engaged in disturbing behavior on the sales floor.

“The security guard noticed the suspect holding a shopping basket as he engaged a female customer in conversation,” Gunther said. “He used a mirror inside the shopping basket to look up the woman’s skirt.”

The security guard called Roseville police officers while keeping an eye on Heavens. When officers arrived, the guard was able to help officers find and confront the suspect outside. Gunther said Heavens was arrested on charges of misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and engaging in lewd behavior in a public place.

Gunther added the Target security guard played the defining role in making sure Heavens alleged activities stopped that day, saying, “The security guard did a really good job of protecting the store's customers.