Searching for conservative contributions

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Regarding the story of Assemblyman Gaines meeting with voters that appeared in The Press Tribune, Jan. 9, the article said George Hudson is concerned about a constitutional convention because he is worried about “what kind of government we’ll get if we do this with liberals in control.” Given the past history of what liberals have provided to this country, he need not be concerned. It was liberals who advocated for women to vote, conservatives said it would destroy the family. Liberals applauded Brown vs. Board of Education, conservatives screamed about activist judges. Liberals fought for civil rights, conservatives waived the Bible in the air and declared it was God’s will we have segregation. Liberals wanted public education for all children, conservatives screamed “socialism.” Liberals have brought us 40-hour work weeks, child labor laws, sick leave, Social Security, Medicare, to name a few, all of which conservatives opposed. I have thought long and hard to think of any contributions conservatives have made and can’t think of any. Gary Miller, Roseville