Schmidt doubles up on All American Speedway Twin 44s

By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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Part-time Late Model driver and 2007 Whelen All American Series champion Eric Schmidt, swept the Twin 44 Late Model races Saturday in Roseville.


Driving the No. 05 car for Golden State Racing, Schmidt qualified second in the opener at All American Speedway behind 2009 Whelen All American Series champion Jason Romero. Romero, who was in town from North Carolina for three days racing his old No. 8 championship car, put down a 13.811 lap to Schmidt's 13.839 in qualifying. 


With an invert of eight, Ron Chunn started from the pole with Shannon Mansch starting from the outside of row one. Chunn held the lead until lap 12 when Schmidt passed him.  From then on Schmidt held his position and went on to win the first Twin 44 with Michael Self finishing second. Romero was third, Chunn was fourth, and Matt Scott finished fifth.


On lap 11, Jonathan Mawhinney got into Mansch sending her in to the wall. Mansch ended up with a crushed front end, exited to the pits and made it back on the track before the restart.  Later, she exited the track for good because of the damage.  Her car looked strong in the beginning, but unfortunately, the wreck ended her night.


"The car was pretty good,” said Schmidt after his first win. “It is tough because when you are running these Twin races you have to leave something for the second race. You try to hold back a little and not burn the tires up, but still do not want to jeopardize winning.”


Schmidt also said getting through the lapped traffic was tough, so it was good to have a cushion working.


In the second Twin 44, Scott started on the pole with Bobby Grewohl on the outside of row one.  Scott was in front until lap nine when Grewohl took over the top spot. Scott got the lead back for lap 15 then surrendered it back to Grewohl on lap 16.


Grewohl held on to the top spot until lap 41 when Schmidt roared to the front and captured his second win of the night. There was some exhilarating racing between Schmidt, Scott, Grewohl and Chunn, who pulled away from the field and had their own race going on in the front.


"It's a good night," Schmidt said. "We work on this car a lot and we only race once a month or every six weeks because of money, so it feels good to come out and run like this. Right now, Frank (Jordan) and I are running on our own money, with a little help from Legacy Pools. We are just putting together what we can, when we can. Winning both races we were able to break even so that means a lot."


In Modified racing, Jason Philpot hung the field out to dry with his first place finish. Gary Glenn gave him a run for his money staying on his rear bumper for much of the race and top qualifier Scott Winters rounded out the top three.


Nik Romano led the field to the green flag followed by Nick Lyons. Romano held the lead until lap 19 when Philpot passed him for first. Philpot was able to get a good lead on the field before the yellow checkered flew on lap 29. It was his second Modified win this year.


"We won because of a lot of teamwork," Philpot said.  "We were struggling all day and with my crew behind me, they constantly helped no matter how much I complained. We got the job done.  We'd like to thank Jeff Monroe from Penny Racing who helped us set up the car tonight for this win.” 


Eric Bocksberger had luck on his side when top qualifier Cody Rickard was disqualified because of too much compression. Rickard was five pounds over.


"It's a good night," Bocksberger said.  "I bought new tires and that made a big difference.  I was three-tenths faster on the new tires.  It felt good.  The car drove nice, I was happy with it.  I needed a win. It's been a long time since I got a win."


In Street Stock, Jim McCully was on the pole, but quickly Dave Silva took the lead.  He held it until lap 26 when Mickey Owens grabbed the top spot. Then Owens cut a tire sending sparks flying and that ended his night. Owen's brother, Kevin, took the lead after his brother's mishap and held on for the victory.


"I thought Mickey was the only car that could beat me, so when it broke it definitely made me happy,” Kevin Owens said. “Well not happy, but you know it made my chances better.” 


It was Owens’ first win this year. He had two victories last year. 


"The car was good,” Owens said. “It could have been a little better, but I'm not complaining, I got a win out of it."


All American Speedway will feature the Late Model TRD 100 race, Modified, Bomber and WSRA sprint cars next Saturday. Grandstands open at 4 p.m. and main events start at 6  p.m.  For more information go to:




1. No. 05 Eric Schmidt           

2. No. 84 Michael Self

3. No. 8 Jason Romero

4. No. 33 Ron Chunn

5. No. 35 Matt Scott

6. No. 20 Bobby Grewohl

7. No. 29 Jason Fensler

8. No. 3 Juan Pitta

9. No. 51 Chris Scribner

10. No. 9 Chad Holman

11. No. 55 Jessica Brunelli

12. No. 24 Tyler Thomas

13. No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney

14. No. 31 Justin Henry

15. No. 22 Cameron Millard

16. No. 46 Zane Lovelace Jr.

17. No. 61 Shannon Mansch



1. No.05 Eric Schmidt

2. No. 35 Matt Scott

3. No. 20 Bobby Grewohl

4. No. 44 Ron Chunn

5. No. 51 Chris Scribner

6. No. 8 Jason Romero

7. No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney

8. No. 3 Juan Pitta

9. No. 29 Jason Fensler

10. No. 22 Cameron Millard

11. No. 46 Zane Lovelace Jr.

12. No. 31 Justin Henry

13. No. 24 Tyler Thomas

14. No. 9 Chad Holman

15. No. 55 Jessica Brunelli

16. No. 84 Michael Self



1. No. 15 Jason Philpot

2. No. 50 Gary Glenn

3. No. 24 Scott Winters

4. No. 7 Nik Romano

5. No. 28 Jim Miller

6. No. 43 Nick Lyons

7. No. 21 Josh Brock

8. No. 39 Luke Kaper

9. No. 77 Michael Ostrowski

10. No. 27 Rich Lindgren

11. No. 17 Tyler Wentworth

12. No. 1 Rick Anable

13. No. 5 Jason Bamberg

14. No. 33 Bud Anderson

15. No. 90 Trevor Cristiani

16. No. 96 Mikey Lehman

17. No. 12 David Crouch

18. No. 02 Sal Lopez

19. No. 83 Donny Lehman



1. No. 23 Eric Bocksberger

2. No. 50 Richard Perez

3. No. 37 David Thompson

4. No. 77 Erick Ray

5. No. 3 Jim McGinnis

6. No. 22 Keith Hopkinson

7. No. 15 Kenny Beaumont

8. No. 52 Matt Camp

9. No. 73 Gary Eisenhour

10. No. 30 Steve Runkle

11. No. 89 Walter Silva

12. No. 12 Denise Lambert

13. No. 76 Donald Dickson

14. No. 2 David Friedman

15. No. 00 James Carpenter

16. No. 13 Michael Smith

17. No. 92 Mark Anderson



1. No. 21 Kevin Owens

2. No. 14 Wayne Crossland

3. No.86 Dave Silva

4. No. 88 Jim McCully

5. No. 8 Matt Cockrum

6. No. 71 Randy Owens

7. No. 07 Travis Henry

8. No. 66 Joseph Colorado

9. No. 50 Chris Lambert

10. No. 33 Michael Gotham

11. No. 2 Mel Wilson

12. No. 79 Eric Martinez

13. No. 31 Jim McGinnis

14. No. 48 Earl Lee

15. No. 08 Mickey Owens

16. No. 68 Joe Dahl