Routine stop yields drug search

By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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An expired vehicle registration stop snowballed into a drug search outside The Press Tribune offices this afternoon. Roseville Police Officers stopped a light blue Chevy Celebrity for driving with an expired registration sticker and found the driver, a male presumed to be in his 50s also driving with a suspended license and without insurance. “He displayed objective symptoms of being under the influence so we have detained him and ordered a drug search of the vehicle,” said Roseville Police Officer Eric Eastman. A K-9 patrol dog sniffed through the car searching under seats and through the debris that littered the backseats and trunk space. “It would take us to dohours what the dog can do in 20 minutes,” Eastman said. “We’ll go back through the more difficult spots just to be sure.” The driver of the vehicle was cited for driving with a suspended license, expired registration and without insurance. The car was towed after the K-9 investigation returned no evidence of narcotics.