Pizza, a Movie and 2 Sisters!

Round Table Pizza pleases with cheese

By: Emma Boyle (with help from sister Reagan)
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Round Table Pizza (Sierra College Boulevard)

Rating: 5 slices out of 5

Our mission: To taste pizza around town, enjoy a movie and have fun sharing our experience!

Pizza: Round Table Pizza on Sierra College Boulevard

Pizza tasted: Emma: 4.0 Pepperoni Pizza. Reagan: Cheese

Movie: “Freaky Friday” (2003)


"The last honest pizza" arrives hot with steam coming out of the box.

The 4.0 has four sizes and types of pepperonis paint the pizza like a Picasso. With my first bite, the combination of pepperoni feels like fire from a dragon. Spicy, but not too hot!

As I pull the pizza away, the melted cheese stretches from my lips to the pizza, like a vine in the jungle. The cheese is a smooth barrier between the pepperonis and light, clean sauce.

The last bite surprises me with an extra crunch and a perfect ending.

My sister Reagan reports: "The cheese pizza is fun to eat! The crust has an inside/outside crunch with a blanket of cheese."


'Freaky Friday' a lesson in understanding

Anna and her mom Tess, do not understand each other. Anna likes rock ’n’ roll, and plays in a band called "Pink Slip." Mom is a therapist and has a new book out. 

Anna and her mom argue so much that after eating “special” fortune cookies, a Chinese spell is placed on them. The spell makes Anna and her mom switch places at midnight in their sleep.

In the morning, when they wake up, the fun and laughs begin. After discovering they have switched bodies, Anna and her mom try to change back by running into each other. When nothing works, Anna and Mom decide to go on with their crazy switched day. Anna chooses to change the way her mom looks and acts as a therapist for the day, making the new Tess the coolest mom ever! Anna's mom enjoys a day back in high school, but not without some trouble. Anna’s mom experiences how hard it is to be a kid again, but also learns what Anna really likes, good friends and music.

“Freaky Friday” is a fun movie, and one Reagan and I could watch again and again.

Reagan and I give Round Table Pizza 5 slices out of 5 slices of pizza.