Roseville student competes at National Spelling Bee

Anvita Mishra misspells word in 6th round
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Anvita Mishra’s first name means “researcher” in Hindi. Her parents picked out the right name for their daughter. The 13-year-old Lincoln resident is a whiz at researching words — and spelling them correctly. Mishra made it to the sixth round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Friday in Washington, DC, before misspelling the word “nephrocytary.” Mishra is an 8th grader at Olympus Junior High School in Roseville. The student credits her mother for coaching her, but also spent many hours studying on her own, according to a press release. She said she learns better when she writes out the words. She also enjoys math, science and reading. She plays guitar and piano and speaks fluent Hindi. Mishra said she hopes to pursue a career as a neurologist. The student has been a regular contestant at Placer County spelling bees for several years and most recently beat out 60 other finalists to win the Central Valley Spelling Bee March 3. She correctly spelled the words “curettage,” “psittacism, “triskaidekaphobia” and finally “minaudieres” to win the event. This qualified Mishra to represent the Sacramento region at the national competition, at which she competed against 272 other spellers. Mishra had competed in the Central Valley Spelling Bee three times before, finishing fourth, third and second. During this year’s competition, the students spelled their way through the entire list of words so quickly, the organizers had to contact Scripps to get another list of words sent immediately. ~ Sena Christian