Roseville Rotary donates dictionaries to Cirby Elementary

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Teaching vocabulary just got a little easier at one Roseville school. Cirby Elementary School third graders each received a new illustrated dictionary from Roseville Rotary on Jan. 17. Roseville Rotarians Tom O’Connor, Jim Gray and John Smith, assisted by Cirby Elementary Principal Karen Quinlan, went to third grade classrooms and presented each student their own dictionary to use in class or take home. Rotarians said they hope the new dictionaries will help the students become more proficient in English. Cirby teacher Kristina Lambert said she believed the dictionaries will help. “These are, by far, the best children’s dictionaries I've come across over the years,” Lambert said. Lambert said the use of dictionaries plays an important role in third grade. “(Students) learn from week one how to read a dictionary entry.” According to another third grade teacher, Kelly Bross, classes were elated to receive the new books. “My class was beyond excited about their new dictionaries,” said Bross. “Some said they were going to sleep with them. One boy said he was going to hide it under his bed so his little brother wouldn't ruin it.” Teachers say the new dictionaries will improve learning. “By giving each child a brand new dictionary you helped link their learning from school to home,” teacher Kim Robinson said. ~ Staff report