Roseville prepares for scheduled water outages

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The city of Roseville is advising its water customers of scheduled water outages because of an ongoing capital improvement project occurring at Folsom Dam.  The United States Bureau of Reclamation has scheduled the temporary outages as part of a parallel pipeline project that is scheduled to be operational in 2010. Specific outage times have not been released but may occur during the months of November and December. Although these outages will result in a temporary shutdown of the city water treatment plant, they will not impact Roseville water customers’ ability to receive water as the city will activate backup water wells and system interties with neighboring water agencies during the scheduled outages, as well as rely on water stored in water tanks. “These scheduled outages will allow us to complete this very important project,” said Derrick Whitehead, director of the city’s Environmental Utilities Department. “With redundant pipelines in place we are adding to the water system’s reliability and further reducing the chance that Roseville’s water customers would experience a long-term water outage in the future.” Customers may notice minor aesthetic differences in the water as a result of receiving groundwater instead of the usual surface water from Folsom Lake. All water served from these sources is safe to drink and meets all state and federal drinking water standards. Each outage is only expected to last no more than 48 hours. When specific information on when the outages will occur is released, a subsequent news release will be issued along with information posted on the city’s Web site at During the scheduled outages, Roseville water customers are encouraged to limit their outdoor irrigation. Irrigation systems normally should be shut off during these months as irrigation comes naturally from rain and dew, and the water demand for outdoor landscaping is lessened due to lower temperatures. Once completed, the parallel pipeline project will provide redundant pipelines to convey water from Folsom Reservoir to Roseville’s water treatment plant. This redundancy will add reliability to Roseville’s water system and reduce the likelihood of interruption in service in the future. Roseville water customers seeking information on the scheduled outages are encouraged to check or call 774-5750 for updates. ~ Staff report