Roseville Police Plan 'zero tolerance' traffic enforcement operation

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Roseville Poolice traffic enforcement officers will be out in force Wednesday morning on Fiddyment Road, Blue Oaks Boulevard and other major roadways on Roseville's west side, enforcing seat belt, cell phone and speeding laws. Violators will be ticketed. "Safety is our number one concern," said Roseville Police Chief Mike Blair. "The safe driver will buckle up, put down the phone and observe the posted speed limit." As a reminder: Drivers and all passengers must wear seat belts or be in age-appropriate child safety seats. Shoulder belts must be worn properly across the shoulder and chest for best protection, not tucked under an arm. Officers will issue citations for wearing a shoulder belt improperly. It is illegal for adult drivers age 18 and older to talk on the phone unless using a hands-free device. It is illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to talk on the phone at all, with or without a hands-free device. It is illegal for any driver to read or type text messages while driving. The Roseville Police Department enforces traffic laws every day, and also conducts "zero tolerance" operations periodically, putting additional officers out in force to calm traffic and increase traffic safety.