Roseville Police out in force to educate on bike safety

By: Staff Report
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The Roseville Police Department traffic and youth services officers patrolled near three of Roseville’s middle schools this past week educating students and adult cyclists alike about safety. “We encourage our students to walk or bicycle to school. It’s good exercise, and it helps relieve traffic congestion around our campuses,” said Community Services Sergeant Karl Dyer in a news release. “But it’s essential that student cyclists know and obey the rules of the road, for their own safety.” This week’s safety patrols were prompted by recent collisions between student cyclists and vehicles near school campuses. Often such collisions are caused by unsafe bicycle riding, according to Dyer. Dyer said the most common safety hazard observed during the patrols was cyclists not watching for cars, and not yielding the right-of-way to approaching vehicles before entering the street. The patrol also saw adult cyclists riding facing traffic, rather than riding in the same direction of traffic. This is against the law as well as dangerous, Dyer said. Dyer said the officers plan to patrol near additional Roseville school campuses and will conduct bicycle safety patrols regularly throughout the school year. An opportunity for cyclists of all ages to hone their riding skills and learn safety tips will take place from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Oct. 4, at the city of Roseville’s 14th annual Bikefest, at Quail Glen Elementary School located at 1250 Canevari Drive.