Roseville P.E Teacher Races to the Finish

John Clark has ran three marathons including the famous Boston Marathon
By: Jency James The Press Tribune
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John Clark does something some people find tiring, boring and difficult. He runs. In fact, he runs a lot. After three years of cross - country in high school, and some running on the side in college, Clark decided it was time to try his hand, well, feet at a marathon. He ran the California International Marathon in December of 2005 with a time of 3 hours 19 minutes and 18 seconds (a7 minute and 38 second mile pace) which qualified him for the Boston Marathon by a momentous 42 seconds. With two sore hamstrings, Clark still managed to run an impressive 3 hours 35 minutes and 39 seconds time at the Boston Marathon. The Silverado Middle School P.E teacher continued his running endeavors until 2008. After battling five knee surgeries, Clark’s running chapter has come to a close but his love for the sport as well as his past triumphs continue on. 1.Why did you decide to run a marathon? I’ve always wanted to, I just didn’t think my body could handle the training because at six foot, 2 inches and 210 pounds, I am unusually large for a marathon runner. I would run with Mr. Jensen and Mr. Molebash (fellow Silverado Middle School P.E teachers). I didn’t do the long days but I could keep up with them so I figured I would try (a marathon.) 2.What kind of training did you do to prepare? I found a marathon training schedule. There were four running days, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I ran 6 miles at about a 7 - minute - mile - pace, Sunday was a longer day with at least 10 miles at about 8:30.00 to 8:45.00 mile pace and Saturday was a little shorter with 3-6 miles at about 7:45.00 to 8:00.00 mile pace. I did four long runs in preparation for the marathon. I ran 15-, 18-, 20- and 22 mile runs (which were) spaced out on Sundays a month apart. I also did weight training Wednesdays and Fridays. 3.How many half - marathons and marathons have you run? I’ve ran several half marathons and three marathons. There were two CIM marathons - one in 2005 and I ran Boston in 2006. The (other) CIM was in 2008 and my knee started hurting the last 8 or 7 miles but I still finished. 4.How did it feel to qualify for the Boston Marathon? That was probably the most satisfied feeling I've ever had – crossing that finish line and looking up at the clock and my watch and “thinking I got this.” Looking at all the work I did was really exciting, especially having my family at the finish line, which was really cool. 5.What gets you through a race? I try to enjoy the experience. (Running) in Boston was probably the single best athletic thing I ever did. I set little goals along the way and make sure not to go too fast or too slow and I try to do anything but think about hurting, because you know it’s going to happen and that’s part of dealing with it. To suggest someone for this feature, e -mail Jency James at