Roseville officials to residents: Conserve water

Low snowpack means city will get less water
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The city of Roseville urges residents and businesses to conserve water in light of low snowpack this winter.

The city’s environmental utilities department recently received its preliminary water supply allocation projection from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the federal agency that operates Folsom Reservoir, based on Feb. 1 snowpack data.

This projection shows that Roseville will receive 75 percent of its average water usage in 2012. The city’s water supply primarily comes from Folsom Reservoir, which gets its water from run-off from the Sierra Nevada Mountains via the American River.

Roseville isn’t requiring water cutback or initiating a drought stage at this time, but wants customers to conserve water and take advantage of water-efficiency programs and rebates.

Even with this week’s storms, overall lack of precipitation over the past several months may lead to a dry year, according to the city. Staff is developing contingency plans and coordinating with other agencies in the region in preparation for the next water supply data due in late March and April.

“It’s important for us to begin the initial contingency planning for what could turn into an official drought,” said environmental utilities Director Derrick Whitehead.

~ Staff report


Water-efficient habits
• Leaks can waste thousands of gallons of water. Regularly check toilets, faucets, sprinkler heads, valves and hoses for leaks.
• Adjust your irrigation schedule as the seasons change. Landscapes don’t require the same amount of water in the spring and fall as they do in hot summer months.
• Check your irrigation system regularly for broken or misadjusted sprinklers and repair or replace immediately
• Check out the city’s Cash for Grass, clothes washer, toilet and other rebate programs at
• The city also offers free Water-Wise House Calls available weekdays. Call (916) 774-5761.

Source: City of Roseville