Roseville offers more water-efficiency rebates

Secures $70,000 in federal funds to expand toilet, irrigation programs
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More Roseville businesses will have a chance to take advantage of commercial water-efficiency rebates, thanks to a grant recently awarded to the city. The city received $70,000 in federal funding from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to expand the high-efficiency toilet rebate program for multi-family and commercial properties, and to enlarge the commercial irrigation efficiency rebate program. The funds are available through 2012 and will add 450 more toilet rebates and 32 irrigation rebates to the city’s water efficiency program. The toilet program provides eligible businesses up to $175 for replacing their older (pre-1992), non-conserving toilets with a new 1.28 gallon-per-flush model. The irrigation program provides businesses with up to $2,500 for upgrading their landscape’s irrigation system with new high-efficiency equipment. This rebate program covers 75 percent of the cost of eligible parts. The city leveraged $105,000 from the general fund as a match to secure the $70,000 in federal funding. “These (programs) help save water and provide facility improvements that allow Roseville businesses to lower their water bill,” said Environmental Utilities Director Derrick Whitehead in a press release. ~ Sena Christian