Roseville medical marijuana ordinance goes into effect Nov. 1

Authorized growers can no longer cultivate pot outdoors
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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After hearing several heated and emotional public comments, Roseville City Council approved an ordinance banning the outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana in June.

That ordinance goes into affect Thursday, Nov. 1, following a grace period allowing growers to harvest existing crops.

Under the new ordinance, medical marijuana may only be grown indoors at the authorized grower’s primary residence. The plant must be grown in a fully enclosed and secure structure with a foundation, solid walls, solid roof and locking doors. A plastic sheeting-type greenhouse doesn’t meet this requirement.

Indoor cultivation areas must be no more than 50 square feet in area and no taller than 10 feet, unless the authorized grower gets permission from the city’s Building Division.

The growing area must meet all state and city building code requirements. Lighting for the area must not exceed 1,200 watts in total. No gas products may be used for cultivation or processing. The cultivation must be undetectable by anyone in the public right-of-way, meaning neighbors are unable to see marijuana plants through a window or smell associated odors.

In October, Sacramento City Council directed staff to draft an ordinance prohibiting the outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana in residential areas.

Authorized growers in Roseville with questions about the ordinance or residents who want to make a complaint about violations should call Roseville code enforcement at (916) 774-5501.