Roseville martial arts owner makes citizen's arrest

By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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Patrons of a Roseville Taco Bell got a dinnertime demonstration courtesy of Dave Marinoble, owner and instructor of Marinoble's Martial Arts Center. Marinoble entered the Taco Bell on Foothills Boulevard around 7 p.m.Thursday night and attacked 18-year-old Riley Lockett, a Marinoble's instructor, for allegedly stealing money from the Martial Arts Center’s cashbox. According to Roseville Police Sergeant Troy Bergstrom, Marinoble approached Lockett from behind while he was seated in the restaurant’s dining room and placed him in a chokehold. “He pulled him out of his seat and had (Lockett) on the floor where he put him in handcuffs and said he was under citizen’s arrest,” Bergstrom said. Meanwhile, Bergstrom said patrons in the restaurant were yelling to call the police to which Marinoble replied, “We are the police.” An off-duty CHP officer was eating in the restaurant and called Roseville Police to come handle the situation. Check Wednesday's Press Tribune for further details. After requests by Taco Bell management to “take it outside” Marinoble led Lockett to a curb in front of the restaurant to wait for Roseville Police. Police reports state that Lockett admitted to stealing $140 from Marinoble and he was cited for embezzlement. A police report has been submitted to the district attorney’s office for review and charges for assault may be brought against Marinoble.